Ivan Musoke

where do i start. . .

“I don’t know… It’s flattering I guess. More flattering than troubling, to think that when you’re bleeding love, that bleeding’s for me…”

How did we meet? That’s not really the important bit. Well, I suppose it makes for better reading than the “where”. It was a bar mind you. Nothing classy, nothing fancy. Just a regular bar near home.

It was one of those evenings. You know. You’re at home with your mind made up. You won’t go out no matter what. You borrowed a movie earlier so your night is made.

For insurance you’ve bought yourself some vodka. It helps. There was a moment’s hesitance when you were making this purchase because a part of you knows what the vodka does. You wanted so badly to go with something else. Something like, Bond 7. But you didn’t because you remembered what happened the last time.

But that’s not important. What you want to know is how we met.

Like every other story, it involved a blackout. There was really no point in staying at home so I decided to take a walk. Not too far, coz you never do know what will happen lest you wander too far….

Or take things too far, as I did that night.

Asking my pal for the keys to his car because of her. Him handing them over with not a single care in the world.

And then getting screwed.

No, not that way…not in the way it was supposed to happen.

There we were, me and her. backseat of the car. About to get it on. Then a light was shone. Then we were asked to come out of the car.

The guy holding the torch held something else in his other hand.

A gun? A crow bar? It doesn’t matter. He hit me. Hit me hard. I blacked out.

When I came to, the car was gone. My friend was yelling at me.

It wasn’t his, he said… truth be told, this story ain’t mine either.


  1. We all know it’s not your story. I mean a car is a bit too classy for you. You would have taken her to the bush behind the bar. Hm, wouldn’t that make a more interesting story?

  2. Ivan. I know u’re in there and that u’re all alone.
    Now if u’ll resurface from behind the cupboard and please open this door for me.
    And I used “please”.

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