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Tooth Or Dare

First of all, I’d like to state that I am not trying to start a series of posts dwelling on one thing. It’s actually coincidental that there’s more where this stuff came from, so without prior planning a lot of it carries over and allows me to fill the cavities on my blog. Yes, I WENT there! The place I didn’t go, however was the dentist’s clinic. There’s some back story behind this and it’s kinda sucky that I forgot to mention it last week. So here’s the thing. . .
When we were setting up my appointment for the RCT (shit, I love how that makes me sound as deep as those guys you see on telly) I was asked to sit down next to the lady that schedules the appointments (by the way, I meant guys like House). So we started going through the Book Of Secrets trying to find something convenient for me. It’s amazing just how many people need to see the dentist! (I didn’t mean Zach Effron(sp) or those other wusses on Grey’s Anatomy!) No really, if I’d actually known that dentists get all this action, I’d have rethought my career ages ago. I’d have studied harder and maybe I too would be looking down mouths and stuff. Rubbing teeth of the rich and famous and not their shoulders as is the case right now.
{quick question, do you really know anyone famous enough that you’d want to gaze longingly into their mouth? Me neither}

After a bit of back and forth we settled for an early Monday appointment. What better way to start the week? I mean, it’s a given that I will probably have a shitty Monday any week, why not make this thing legit?There was the promise of a phone call reminder type thing and the threat of drinking myself silly to the point that anyone coming into the premises after I’d been, would get instantly inebriated. Good times!
It was all moving along smoothly until Saturday. We were supposed to go catch up with a couple of pals, then head home. The amount of time spent out was not going to go beyond 2 hours.
It did. I got home pretty late… or early depending on how you look at these things, and spent the bulk of Sunday in bed. Not so good times!
I don’t know about you, but from previous experience, sleep can be a bitch! The way sleep and I interact is such that I can only get involved once a day, or like there are rations and stuff. Which means, if I sleep during the day time, my slumber will elude me at night, no doubt looking for some other hapless individual that failed to get some earlier. Also, because of sleep’s bitchy nature, it’s likely that it will simply elude me and go out for a night on the town with comas and stuff instead of visiting some deserving person.
Long story short, I was awake for the pretty much the whole of Sunday night and forced myself to go to bed at about 4am,Monday. I suppose it is only fair that I point out now that my appointment was for 9am, Monday.
At about 8 something, the call to remind me came in, but I was in the throes of passion with slumber.
I would have probably gone and had the RCT (someone give me a lab coat already!) done, but a report on the internet claims that being asleep during dental procedures is the leading cause of subsequent dental procedures. Plus, I wouldn’t want to give the dentist the wrong idea. “Oh look at me! I am not afraid of pain. I can sleep through the procedure! Do your worst ‘oh-surgical-mask-wearing-mortal’. “ That shit is not good for PR.
My teeth hurt like a bitch last night so I am seriously contemplating getting the silly things removed. Everyone says there is no such thing as a permanent Root Canal thingy, and though we are pals, my dentist and I, I would much rather run into him at social gatherings and not when the environs have all this gadgetry making angry noises.
The RCT is this Thursday…. coincidentally, so is BHH.
Oh, lest I should forget, The Maurice Kirya Experience is on tonight at Rouge.
Lucy will be there doing her thing, show some love.


  1. Lol, Baz, gimme those seconds…please.
    I came here to envy u, Ivan. That Maurice Kirya Experience. Send me a ticket stub. For my momento. Also, it should have his pishure on it. And he should be holding his guitar.

  2. So you don’t like those posts of part 1 and 2?
    I feel so bad that I’ll miss the Maurice Kirya Experience again. Not feeling well.

  3. so thirds it is. i still hate these posts about teeth. and fixing teeth. Duse. have you ever seen the iside of lady bizzle’s mouth? awesome. just awesome. i could stare at it for like the whole day

  4. A randomized controlled trial (RCT) is a type of scientific experiment most commonly used in testing the efficacy or effectiveness of healthcare services…
    Am I right??

  5. @Baz: I thought the plan was to have it yanked out. You sneaky *******
    @Cheri: Ticket stub? You’re kiddin me right? And these days he is one with the guitar. It holds him!
    @The Emrys: Its true, I really didn’t have enough sleep. tomorrow’s not looking good either
    @Cheri: Retarded Crimes against Teeth
    @Mudamuli: I don’t hate them, but I don’t think it would be right to stretch the tooth…posts
    @Antipop: She has a mouth? Someone told me she speaks out of her. .
    @Nevender: I wish. Root Canal Therapy or Treatment

  6. I love your pic… yellow beak and all. And from the looks of it, you could lose a few of those teeth. Surely you won’t miss only one!!

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