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My internet is a bitch. Keeps going down on me at the worst times. It gets so bad, I wonder why I even bother with the ISP, maybe I should just pull out.
kennyrogers In other news, I finally got some Kenny Rogers music! I know this will probably sound odd, but I was so pleased with myself. So much so that I called my brother and told him I had 42 Kenny Rogers tracks. He was not moved. I don’t get it. Dude loved the oldies, what happened? Did he ‘style’ up when he discovered rock music? No matter, I will call up my other brother;
-Dude, I have Kenny Rogers!
-No, dude.I.Have. Kenny ROGERSSSSSS!
-slight pause.- why?
-Coz this stuff is awesome. Classic stuff! Come on, you know you want some of this!
-Er, enjoy.

The first time I mentioned my mission to find Kenny Rogers to a loved one she looked at me with what I later found out was genuine disbelief as she asked, “really?”. It’s all good though, no love lost there.
I tried to pass on some Kenny Rogers to my mother and she didn’t seem moved. She did a little dance, but I suspect that’s because she didn’t want to break my heart, bless her. but seriously people, doesn’t anyone listen Kenny anymore? What did he do to you?
My kid sister was watching Army Wives when I got back home, I don’t know why anyone would find this even remotely interesting. Isn’t it like watching The Desperate Housewives with camouflage? Yes, I caught a glimpse of DH, and the scene had this lady hike her skirt in an attempt to outdo Eva Longo-rear.
Like Dee, I too have come to appreciate Eminem’s new album (Relapse). At first listen I thought, meh, but after a while I started to appreciate some of the songs. I find that it’s always like that with an Eminem album lately. For me anyway. The song that I’m playing over and over at the moment is My Darling. Pretty neat, though there is a part where he is having an (imaginary?) conversation with some entity that could be The Devil, His Conscience, His Drug Habit. One thing’s for certain, the thing has a decent ‘flow’. Man, I’d hate for Em to come out and say that conversation was with Lucifer. Dang, that would suck.
I haven’t seen an episode of Family Guy in ages, I need to watch something funny! The Hangover was pretty cool, but I suppose I got sucked in by the 300 million or so reviews that said this was the funniest thing since Jennifer Lopez said she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress. I found a clip online with Stewie singing one of those ballads from back in the day, off the tip of my fingers, I’d say it was Glory Of Love, but I know I’d be wrong. It’s a Bryan Adams song, but this Kenny Rogers is a major deterrent to sensible thought construction.. Everything I Do! That’s the song.
My battle with insomnia persists.well sorta does, it is not so much a battle but an ass-whoopin. I am being beaten up by insomnia. I’d appreciate it if it didn’t tease me with the thirty minutes or so of sleep at the start then took it away, that shit is not funny.


  1. Ashy, do you sleep?
    Kenny Rogers. Umm…
    Army Wives. Ugh.
    They are taking too long to release the next season of Family Guy. Hangover wasn’t all that.
    Off to listen to that Eminem song.

  2. @Nevender, think about it. If Ivan goes for night prayers coz he is an insomniac, do you reckon God will want to give him his sleep back? COz the way i see it, he starts to get some sleep and it is bye bye to night prayers! I think God will want him to stay a lil longer. so we are looking at like a year of night prayers before you start to even imagine wat sleep feels like Ivan!
    just messing with you God. I am not really telling you how to do your job or anything. You know how i am. always cracking jokes and what not.
    nice post innocent

  3. @ Ashy: Jim Reeves???mother, is that you?
    @Princess: I admire your bravery…no one has come out and said that about The Hangover, not that way…and I have only seen 5 episodes of season 7, so I suspect I have 10 or more to go
    @Petesmama: Wama come and I give you some botox free Kenny
    @The Emrys: At that time? Where do I find that stuff? Chicken Tonight don’t have that
    @Normzo: You will take Rogers! Then Eminem I will throw in as bonus, yes? Good deal!
    @Mudamuli; Even you come get
    @Carsozy: I had that on my hard drive and didn’t do anything with it…now I feel remorseful
    @Nev: Some decent bloke from back in the day…sang country music too
    @Antipop: Why thank you… and you have put me off overnights indefinitely

  4. 😉 Kenny, ah, Coward of the County, he made it cool for men to listen to weepy country songs, and he can still creep up on one (and I have not said me! 😆 )
    We got speak about that Eminem….

  5. Eminem is speaking to Slim Shady in that song. Slim Shady is his dark side, which he finally broke free of in the Eminem Show. Now it has come back mbu.
    Relapse started well for me, I mean Em is still definitely definitely one of the sharpest writers in music. But after a while I am wondering how the return of Slim Shady can be justified? In the beginning it was the voice of every angry and frustrated office drone, blue-collar worker.
    But now in places it sounds shallow. I can’t relate to a rich and famous pop star talking about killing and raping and doing drugs.
    I wish I could see Em just doing some basic straight up MC-ing. Just get on the mic and go hard. Like Till I Collapse.
    I give Relapse three stars. Flow is is way above average, but after a few songs I find myself looking for the Show and the Slim Shady LP again.
    Meanwhile, Kenny Rogers? Why?

  6. wama i caught on to the innuendo at the start of the post hehe…
    The Hangover killed me!! esp the fat guy who said retard like it was French!

  7. being one of those people who know practically every eminem song by heart, allow me to say, Relapse SUCKS!!
    true the flow is okay, he has off course done better but this shit right here? utter crap. i never believed i would ever see the day when the greatest rapper on earth would become a wannabe.
    listening to relapse made me want to take a shit. just like that.

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