Ivan Musoke

Random Instance Of Thought

I dropped a rhyme | Once upon a time,

Back in the day | Back in my prime,

I dropped a rhyme in a style lyrical,

The delivery with a precision kinda surgical,

But that was back then…


No one gave a shit about mice and men,


My mind wandered about on a solitary plane,


I pandered about on the brink of falling insane,


And then I broke the wall,

That which stood between you and I,

I called you boo,

You called me sweetypie,



That was then,


  1. is this is an unfinished post?
    did it escape from captivity?
    what was on the author’s mind when he was penning it?
    what am i thinking?

  2. another sad love song…? where do you get these things?
    But I gotta give it to you- you’ve got your kalamashaks going

  3. @ Tandra; Why yes, so it is.
    @ Bubu; uh, weed?
    @31337; yes.
    @B2B; Thank you thank you thank you, you’re far too kind
    @Antipop; Er, thanks
    @Kats; From deep within
    @Kakaire; Lyrical who? ;o)
    @Lesi; A L O T :o)

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