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Of moon-writing and stuff

I’m back. I don’t know how long for, but hopefully I’m going to make this stick.

Worst case scenario, I’ll likely do a post a week, the way I see it, this ought to give me a chance to vent and get back to being a normal person. Except that I’m not necessarily a normal person. Not by a long shot, and I think that in itself may be the problem.

The world views my kind as ‘creatives’. It’s an interesting tag, almost makes one feel like we belong to a separate genus entirely, but fukkit, right? We are who we are.

I awoke with a start in the middle of the night, reached for my phone and saved a note. I went back to sleep pleased with myself, thinking I was on to something. I woke up this morning looked it over and thought, hey, this would make a great title for a blog post; Moonwriting… a sad play on the word moonlighting, but that sort of feels like what I’m doing at this point.

I’ve got a life outside of this that expects me to write to survive…and thus far, I’m doing okay… as okay as okay can be. However, sometimes you need to branch out and do something else on the side. The irony is, my other thing is simply more writing. As far as diversification goes, I picked the fuzzy end of the stick and I’m okay with it.

If moonlighting is about doing something else to make ends meet, then I suppose it stands to reason that moon-writing in my case, is simply writing something else to make sense out of all this. To recover what sanity has been eroded over time.

The Bible {Mark 5:5} says that the meek shall inherit the earth. Yay them, however, as you keep on dealing with people a new revelation starts to form. You suddenly realize that it’s not just the meek that are going to inherit the earth, there’s the daft people that are making a mess of things. They seem to have inherited the earth ages ago and now they want to rub our faces in it.

Am I suggesting that I’m smart? Why yes, and if you’ve made it this far, I’d like to think you are too. I’m not trying to sucker you into reading this diatribe, but seriously, would you tick the box next to ‘stupid’ under your list of special skills?

Do you ever get the impression that people around you are hella smart and you’re just putting in a cameo appearance in their little movie…If you’re lucky, you may put in a word or two, but that’s all it will ever be.

A word.., not something life changing, not something that’s going to impact the world….

That doesn’t make you dumb, it makes you one of the select few. The smart people that have to dial it back, bring it down a notch so that the rest of the world gets it.

I’m not making a play for blasphemy, far from it. All I’m saying is, in your quest to inherit the earth,  all ye who are meek and heavy laden, you’re going to have wrestle it away from the denizens of idiots that are running it right now.

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