Ivan Musoke


  1. @ Tandra: Yeah, clearly you had too. . .
    @B2B: I’m going to start posting a comment right after hitting publish, this is getting out of hand
    @Miss Cheri: Walls at Mateos? Never to be

  2. @Chanel: Soon
    @DeTamble: There are about three BHH posts across the web. . .I didn’t snatch any beer. . .honestly.
    @Cheri: There are about three…. Rev is alright
    @Carlo: Found you there, what does that say about me being late?
    @Kissyfur: Now now, I will not entertain terms of endearment being thrown about on my blog like that.
    @Petesmama: Yes

  3. Did you gab Mr. Back2Basics’ template or what?
    I thought your resolution for this year was not to steal!!! Sticky fingaz!! And you have left Mr. B2B really stark basic!

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