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an abandoned post

The fastest thing about this place was the way Microsoft Word opened. Not much else could rival the speed with which Gates’ popular word processor sprung to life, blank page in front of you begging you to have your way with it. Were I a painter and this before me, were my canvas, I’d be […]

In your FACE(book)

Facebook, for those of you that have wandered into this century with no form of preparation whatsoever, is a social networking website. Did you pick up on the word social? Good. By its very nature, this means you interact with loads of people. from all walks of life…lawyers, teachers, refined anatomical sales associates and doctors… […]

Vote now, b*tch later

Okay, let’s see whether I can pull this off. I want to call it my two minute post. I woulda called it a one minute post but that woulda been pre…er, immature. Looks like way back when (in 2005) I was hella excited by the prospect of having my voice heard, I went and had […]

Mills and Boon; Take #1

He gazes into her eyes. Looking past her long delicate eyelashes and descending into the abyss of her white orbs. Falling deeper and deeper. He doesn’t realise it at first, but when he does, he doesn’t fight it. He takes it like a man. A man falling into the eyes of the woman he loves. […]

Who wants to be a millionaire #01

I want to make money. A decent amount, not necessarily be in position to hide 900m at home for whatever reason, but I think money is generally nice. Let’s skip the lecture on how it’s the root of all evil and how it kills. Let’s, instead dwell on the other really important issue. How to […]

What's been up. . .

I had never realised just how much I like the movie Grease. I caught it on telly a while back and got hit by a wave of nostalgia. Far as I can tell, that’s some messed up shhhh seeing as the movie was released in the 70’s and I was born in the 80’s. There […]

The House Party Article

ran in the Sunday Vision March 28 2010 The other week word spread like a fir… sorry, I meant, like a problem, that bars would be allowed to operate between 5pm and 10pm. Naturally, this suggestion was met with tremendous uproar. Not in the sacred halls of parliament, mind you, but from the people that […]