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Its Easter…

Happy Easter all…This would be a great time to remember all the great stuff our saviour has done for us…Especially the Get-Out-Of-Hell-Free card…which is pro’lly why we have this lovely holiday to begin with…Ofcourse some sickening debate will ensue over whether I went to church,so I’m not going to front…No I didn’t..I wanted to…but I […]

Here's To You

My Net’s acting up again.The last time something like that happened I typed anatomy of a strike…(its down there somewhere).”Oh Crap” I’m sure someone has muttered…actually knowing you lot,its not under your breath.You don’t mince words…we need guys like you telling Bush to **Content Removed By Blog Support** Anywho,it certainly feels good to be back,I […]

That's Reality….NOT!!

Got Tricked Into Doing This Its evident the TV execs. We have so long expected to give us great shows have gone on leave. Either that or they have genuinely run out of ideas. Whatever the case, they have set off a nasty precedent; REALITY SHOWS!! The sad fact is that they just can’t work […]

Its a New Year

Got Tricked Into Doing This First off,Happy New year,Its amazing we have come this far…it kind of screws up the movie industry ‘coz now they can’t quite pull sci-fi banter that begins with its the year 2006. The sad fact is, we are so not buying that anymore.Granted they may still get us to go […]

So Now We Know….

Got Tricked Into Doing This Okay,so its official,I needn’t got hrough the hectic,migraine inducing process of trying to remember the address for the edit section of the site…I can just hit Blog this and that’s it…Big Up Baz with the words of wisdom…I’ll put my agreeing with you down to the fact that there’s a […]

Got Tricked Into Doing This

Got Tricked Into Doing This I clicked on the Blog This thing and ended up here.I honestly have no idea as per what the heck will happen when i hit the “publish” button…Knowing the power that the internet wields,I will definitely NOT be arrested…Yes,Carlo….I acknowledge that I too have my flaws,I am not the genius […]

Anatomy Of A Strike

Its no secret,strikes are part of the curriculum on most university timetables.They are right there,next to impromptu (?) tests and sudden coursework collections. The problem though is the motive. In as much as we are well aware that they are some sort of birth-right,we can’t quite fathom how best we can justify them…Ideally we wouldn’t […]

A couple of days later

Right,so I did my post thing.I even went out of my way to dish out props. (does anybody use that word anymore?who?where do they live?)And does anyone respond?Nope,y’all just choose to keep quiet on me…oh man,I dunno.guess I’ma stop here,way too disoriented….