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#UGBlogWeek: The Elections

The queue shows no signs of letting up anytime soon and every time they let people into the voting area… they never return. That’s doing nothing for my confidence. Is there a parallel universe beyond that barricade? Does it have a revered lion with Samson’s hair predicament? How about tigers and bears? Oh my…

#UGBlogWeek: The Haircut

I got a haircut today. So close to the general elections, it’s easy to think there’s a statement being made, but there really isn’t. I figured I was a tad too hairy for my liking and decided to do something about it. Plus, I really can’t stand it when my moustache tries too hard to […]

The One About The Law

He: Do you know why I’m arresting you? She: Kale you’re dry! Am I supposed to do your job? He: Madam, it’s because you are not supposed to move under the influence. She: I’m not driving. Be serious. He: Excuse you please. Even walking is a punishable offense.

ridin' dutty

I’m riding a boda boda. Not steering it, just calling the shots from back here, ‘take a left, turn right… But I think that’s where the problem is. Something seems to keep getting lost on translation.

the moaning after

I have what’s identifies as a hangover, but is really a needy headache. I figure if I keep playing dumb, it will pack its bags and leave…perhaps in search of a more accommodative host. As it is right now, it has seemingly inherited the undesirable traits of a clingy needy stalker.