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Chapter VI: The Orientals Cometh

In a palace, not too far away, there was trouble a foot. A king was pissed as only a pissed king can be “Your Majesty, you should reconsider. This killing of kings thing is getting played out. Why don’t you kill a pauper or something? Heck, I could order a nice Ugandan boda boda rider.How […]

Tooth Or Dare

First of all, I’d like to state that I am not trying to start a series of posts dwelling on one thing. It’s actually coincidental that there’s more where this stuff came from, so without prior planning a lot of it carries over and allows me to fill the cavities on my blog. Yes, I […]

Oh The Agony. . .

Dear Agony Dude, I hope you can solve my problem. I recently got into a relationship and all was going smoothly, so we decided to take it to the next step. We started to shower together. It seemed to work out fine in the beginning, but lately I’ve noticed something that bothers me. You see, […]

Where Big Brother is kinda "happy"

This is Big Brother, Munya, please report to the diary room. I repeat, Munya, please report to the diary room, er, pretty please with a cherry on top. Munya: Hi Big Brother, what’s happening Oh, I don’t know, what’s up with you? Munya: Er, well, the task is a bit of a bitch really, nuh’mean? […]


IRONIC Its that time again, I’m house-sitting in Bugolobi and as such I won’t have very regular posts. This time round, I am not blessed with a TV so huge you can play table tennis on its screen, but what I do have is a wireless internet connection with no computer. It’s like that line […]

One Afternoon, not too long ago. . .

“when I was growing up as a child. . .” -Patience Rwabogo So there I was, chillin’ out at a pal’s video lib. Conversating as we are wont to, when suddenly… Vacist: Man, you guy, your stuff is dope! Do you have Sopranos? Mr. E: Yeah, what season? Vacist: Okay, what. Gene (generally), I can’t […]

Random Instance Of Thought _ Its kells!

You’ve heard the news, R. Kelly is NOT GUILTY. However, you have to ask yourself what it was like in the courtroom. . . -So Mr. Kelly, Mr. Pied Piper… R! mask, ziggy dee, whatever your name is, what do you have to say for yourself… Kells: Well, if I could turn… turn back the […]