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Random Instance Of Thought

I dropped a rhyme | Once upon a time, Back in the day | Back in my prime, I dropped a rhyme in a style lyrical, The delivery with a precision kinda surgical, But that was back then… when, No one gave a shit about mice and men, When, My mind wandered about on a […]


I’ve seen how it ends, Its not pretty. Matter of fact Its messed up, Its quite shitty, But forget the end, The last day Shelf the thoughts negative, Leave the depression at bay, Look back to a time past, When life was good and the food fast. Let’s go to a back-then, Full of days […]

These Thoughts…

Eyes shut, he tries not to look back, Tries to ignore the past. A lump forms in his throat and it hurts. The truth hurts and that truth,   Escape it, he tries Simple though it may be Though deny it he will, He will never be free. Free from the thoughts, The ones that […]

Randomness in spades

No serious intro to this one, Piecing it together as I go along, Not paying attention to Whether stuff this time round, Will Rhyme, but I Will step back, Sneak a peek Look at this piece, What the heck have I…? It’s the one about addiction, Y’all got yours, I’ve got mine, Come to think […]