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Of moon-writing and stuff

I’m back. I don’t know how long for, but hopefully I’m going to make this stick. Worst case scenario, I’ll likely do a post a week, the way I see it, this ought to give me a chance to vent and get back to being a normal person. Except that I’m not necessarily a normal […]

The mouth's an orifice,er, office

I don’t understand dentists. I’m not implying that they speak an entirely different language or whatever. I just don’t get what could possibly inspire someone to decide that they would absolutely love to pursue a career that involves looking into people’s mouths and poking around. It’s beyond me.

heard the one about the Happy Ugandans?

The better paper reported in its Sunday edition that Ugandans are happy. I don’t even want to imagine what inspired the story… you know what, fukkit, lemme… Anon. : Why are you smiling? Anon 2: I’m smiling coz I’m glad… Anon.: Glad…as in happy? Who the hell do you think you are, going around being […]

The CHOGM one

I’d started typing this thing out with the intention of posting something sensational. Arousing ire or whatever emotions were aroused, when this went up. What you have instead is a first paragraph choke-full of innuendo and a very stupid next lot of paragraphs that introduces the meat of the matter. I figured I’d go into […]