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Elections were held…now what?

Now that we have voted, we can pat ourselves on the collective back. See, it doesn’t even matter whether your candidate took the biscuit. What’s important is that you are now, for lack of a better word, relevant. You know those stories you hear from elderly folk about how they participated in some sort of […]

The New Place. The Clinic

You’d think moving to a new place would mean a fresh start. See, my lifestyle may have been upgraded somewhat, but my immunity’s still a bitch. How was your Christmas Day?  I got off to a decent enough start. You know, the sporadic load-shedding that suggests someone at the power company is sending you signals […]

of primary importance

You may not believe this, but I went to Primary School once. I think it’s what people on the other side of the ocean call Elementary School, but, moving on. I went to primary school and I too had the privilege of sitting for my Primary Leaving Examinations…and, as it is now, my generation of […]

In other news. . .

I have the flu, but let’s not make this post about that. I got an award from Sleek…I’m supposed to brag, but I don’t have that in me. Well, I could try, but shit, what could I say that you don’t know already? I be the realest, got posts so fly they should be up […]