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Randomness in spades

No serious intro to this one, Piecing it together as I go along, Not paying attention to Whether stuff this time round, Will Rhyme, but I Will step back, Sneak a peek Look at this piece, What the heck have I…? It’s the one about addiction, Y’all got yours, I’ve got mine, Come to think […]

The thing about sales…

Was once asked about my thoughts on marketing. If I recall correctly, my response was you’ve either got it or you don’t… you can sell a burger to a vegetarian, or you can’t. Last night I took a stroll through what many have come to call our equivalent of a Red Light District. Its got […]

With this hand…

She said she could read palms. I thought nothing of it. Yet, glancing back, I wonder… She took my hand into hers, furrowed her brow, deep in thought, pondering. I took a sip of my drink with my free hand, nonchalant. She peered harder, hard enough to get my attention. I put my glass back […]

I has made comeback

I have been dreading this. The return to the Blogosphere.I really wish I had a great excuse for the absence. I do, actually. And as far as excuses go, this one is great. Won’t get into it though, not really my style. While I was away, Ernest introduced me to Lolcats. Its, by his definition, […]

Are you kiddin' me?

I’m not a kid person. I don’t mean I loathe them or anything, but I know I won’t be gushing over them the way lesser mortals do. I’m not going to go all “goo-goo ga-ga” and make faces at them. I’m not Jim Carrey. I will also-and this is a fact- not think its cute […]

The Anopheles Cometh

I have malaria. I realize its starting to look like anyone that mentions the BHH comes down with it, but I assure you its purely coincidental. In fact, I am certain mine was lying dormant way before the BHH announcement came up. The parasites, it would appear, were swimming along grandly in my blood without […]

Like some sort of ability

I’ve been chatting with a pal…its this thing you do where you sit back and watch as a window seemingly materializes on your screen and words appear. Your hands receive a message from the brain. They respond and they proceed to hack away at the keyboard until the letters come together in a union that […]