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Note A Minute Too Soon

Time check: 5pm I’ve been staring at my watch like I expect it to entice me with a strip tease of sorts. The seconds barely moving, outpaced only by my anxiety. I need to leave the office. I glance outside, squinting at the clouds as though to say, “don’t you dare!”. It’s been rainy these […]

With love,your Hangover

I’m not one to speak. My usual approach is to just sit there and be talked about or, depending on how I feel at a particular time, have death threats sent my way. Don’t feel bad on my account, these threats never amount to anything and I stick around for quite a bit. Your friends […]

The New Place. The Clinic

You’d think moving to a new place would mean a fresh start. See, my lifestyle may have been upgraded somewhat, but my immunity’s still a bitch. How was your Christmas Day?  I got off to a decent enough start. You know, the sporadic load-shedding that suggests someone at the power company is sending you signals […]

The new place. Month 01

Finally experienced loadshedding Ntinda style. That’s right, I’m still calling my area Ntinda. I have been told it’s actually called Kigowa, but my mind won’t process the word. Understandable really, you don’t want to be jumping into a cab after hanging out and slurring that you are going to Kigoowa. It sounds like a haven […]

of primary importance

You may not believe this, but I went to Primary School once. I think it’s what people on the other side of the ocean call Elementary School, but, moving on. I went to primary school and I too had the privilege of sitting for my Primary Leaving Examinations…and, as it is now, my generation of […]