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Blogger's say the darndest things

First off, between you and I, I’m not sure that’s the spelling of that word up there. I ran a google search for it and it seemed okay. Thing is, google is frequently trawling the interwebs and stocks it’s results with stuff like, ‘kandahar’ ‘babylon’ vuvuzela’ and Zuena.

A Break, Commercial in Nature…

Dear All I had heard something about it, but now it is clear – the Ugandan Bloggers’ Happy Hour won the 1st Prize in the MS Democracy Film Competion. What I really like about the judges’ argumentation is that they appriaciated a ‘different’ image of Africa, compared to the usual. Not because of the film’s technical […]


I’d like to attribute my absence to the fact that I got a job, but that hasn’t stopped loads of bloggers I know. I’d like to claim that given the heat that was radiating off of the ‘sphere last week, I took a back seat to watch and enjoy it. What? Guilty pleasure. You and […]