Ivan Musoke

An Open Letter To Earnest Bazanye from EK

Dear Earnest,
Thank you for your letter. I was touched by you (no homosexual). It is not usual that a person in the newspapers supports a fellow artist, even less usual is when that person in the newspapers is on the internets.
I much appreciate you becoming a page in my facebook also. It feels me with happiness. My manager told me not to answer, but I told him, who I am I to say no to a fun? Continue reading…

Note A Minute Too Soon

Time check: 5pm
I’ve been staring at my watch like I expect it to entice me with a strip tease of sorts. The seconds barely moving, outpaced only by my anxiety. I need to leave the office. I glance outside, squinting at the clouds as though to say, “don’t you dare!”. It’s been rainy these past couple of days and today is not the day I will accept Cumulo Nimbus’ ice bucket challenge.
I’m just not in the mood.
Continue reading…

Of moon-writing and stuff

I’m back. I don’t know how long for, but hopefully I’m going to make this stick.

Worst case scenario, I’ll likely do a post a week, the way I see it, this ought to give me a chance to vent and get back to being a normal person. Except that I’m not necessarily a normal person. Not by a long shot, and I think that in itself may be the problem. Continue reading…