Ivan Musoke

Note a massage story with a happy ending

This story starts with aches and pains.
All over.
These can be attributed to tossing and turning through the night, but I don’t know for sure that’s what happened. You see, since I read somewhere (one of those stupid Google results you MUST never open when you’re sick) that it’s safer to sleep on one side over the other because it does things for blood circulation, I’ve tried to stay put when I lie down. It’s friggin’ uncomfortable, but hey… Continue reading…

Brave New World Part 5 | Austin, Texas: REUNITED

Here’s the thing. Ugandans are more willing to look the other way than most people. You can put this down to our friendly demeanor or our desire to make a quick buck… In any case, if it’s the money thing, it kind of makes it easy to smile and drop a hint, “isn’t there ANYTHING I can do to make this go away”. At this point the person on the other end of the conversation will look around and ask you to buy them a soda… or hand you a cream for that pesky STD. Continue reading…

Brave New World Part 01 | UG – ABU DHABI

“You sure you still want to come?”. My cousin’s message stared up at me from the cellphone I’d placed next to my suitcase.
As I continued my last minute packing, an angel and devil on shoulder exchange was in full swing. “Dude, you paid twice for a visa. Do you really want to back out now? Oh and let’s not forget the ticket” “Yeah, but is money really more important than life… than family?” Continue reading…