Ivan Musoke

because i got high

I’d like to state the obvious. I’m high. Which would mean, it’s understandable that some idiot went like, How High are you instead of Hi, how are you? This actually makes sense when you say it out loud instead of just reading it. Its one of those puns we look back upon and feel embarrassed we actually used in our posts.

Anywho, just got back from Rock Night which was fun, as you can imagine. There was an instance of some dude screaming at some point where Avril Lavigne was talking or singing about some jilted girlfriend. It was declared the gayest moment of the night, but we moved on.

Its been an incredible night nonetheless. And this is where I get cryptic. There’s about four or so bloggers that will pick up on this, not so much because they are incredibly adept at discerning things, but because I’ve gushed quite a bit. This is me saying I’ve had an incredible two weeks and if it was in me to name names, I’d be more specific. It might be the alcohol, if its not, this post will remain, if it is, well I’ll delete it.

Cheers and thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Thing about blogging, you say stuff and everybody wants to discern what you’re going on about. As luck would have it, save for the few that know. The one that counts knows what I’m talking about when I say cheers _ _ _tums! You rock more than I care to give you credit for… and the only reason I’m using that name you hate so much is to try to underscore just how much I like you.


  1. OK, Baz and Iwaya, I have officially retired you as potential contenders to this firsties throne.
    I am gonna assume it’s the alcohol typing this.

  2. Oh, so y’all had a wicked blast at Rock Nite, eh? I’m looking at an array of updated blogs, and I’m gon’ wade through and see the other three … I already see a title hinting at that on Inky’s …
    /me runs off to read.

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