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ridin' dutty

I’m riding a boda boda. Not steering it, just calling the shots from back here, ‘take a left, turn right… But I think that’s where the problem is. Something seems to keep getting lost on translation.

the moaning after

I have what’s identifies as a hangover, but is really a needy headache. I figure if I keep playing dumb, it will pack its bags and leave…perhaps in search of a more accommodative host. As it is right now, it has seemingly inherited the undesirable traits of a clingy needy stalker.

Of moon-writing and stuff

I’m back. I don’t know how long for, but hopefully I’m going to make this stick. Worst case scenario, I’ll likely do a post a week, the way I see it, this ought to give me a chance to vent and get back to being a normal person. Except that I’m not necessarily a normal […]

an abandoned post

The fastest thing about this place was the way Microsoft Word opened. Not much else could rival the speed with which Gates’ popular word processor sprung to life, blank page in front of you begging you to have your way with it. Were I a painter and this before me, were my canvas, I’d be […]

With love,your Hangover

I’m not one to speak. My usual approach is to just sit there and be talked about or, depending on how I feel at a particular time, have death threats sent my way. Don’t feel bad on my account, these threats never amount to anything and I stick around for quite a bit. Your friends […]

Elections were held…now what?

Now that we have voted, we can pat ourselves on the collective back. See, it doesn’t even matter whether your candidate took the biscuit. What’s important is that you are now, for lack of a better word, relevant. You know those stories you hear from elderly folk about how they participated in some sort of […]