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as if, but not quite

His body lies there, motionless. What blood remains, trickles slowly from the gaping wound, flowing to the corner in which she has sought refuge.She can’t escape him. Even in death. This was supposed to make it all go away. It was the only way. The blood draws nearer. She retches.

Note A Minute Too Soon

Time check: 5pm I’ve been staring at my watch like I expect it to entice me with a strip tease of sorts. The seconds barely moving, outpaced only by my anxiety. I need to leave the office. I glance outside, squinting at the clouds as though to say, “don’t you dare!”. It’s been rainy these […]

The One About The Law

He: Do you know why I’m arresting you? She: Kale you’re dry! Am I supposed to do your job? He: Madam, it’s because you are not supposed to move under the influence. She: I’m not driving. Be serious. He: Excuse you please. Even walking is a punishable offense.