Ivan Musoke

An Open Letter To Earnest Bazanye from EK

Dear Earnest,
Thank you for your letter. I was touched by you (no homosexual). It is not usual that a person in the newspapers supports a fellow artist, even less usual is when that person in the newspapers is on the internets.
I much appreciate you becoming a page in my facebook also. It feels me with happiness. My manager told me not to answer, but I told him, who I am I to say no to a fun?
I did not want to do what I did, but like you said, he was there asking asking for it.
Me, as you can see on your television or your tubes, I kept cool. I kak’d….kwegamba, na-kakana. You get? I even asked him to listen to me…but like a real Kasuku he real kept talk talking.
I can understand his reluctancy given that not everybody here is a fun of the words coming out of my mouth. . .but you know who is? Ellen the generous. That woman who is like white Oprah. You know who else likes me, Puffs Daddy. I have never even met them and they are not in my country, but they feel me nice.
Anyway, I won’t lie you that I felt good after what happened. In fact, I even felt bad remorse. As I lay their in the arms of what will soon become another local artist, I cried tears. Some people cry tears of joy. Me I had sadness.
Those tears were burning me like Kaloli pupu. I know I have projected an image of a person who is not afraid of loss, but come on Earnest. Unless you are Eminem, you can not be there nga you’re not afraid.
My funs look up to me and I have late them dawn. When I pass through those slams, all those chewdren who would like to be in my next video say… you know what they say? They say Kenzo, toil boss. I am not a manager, but to be honest, I thought my dreams were also valid.
I think it is the cost of being famous. The more fans you have, the more your temper. Look at Chris Brown, Tyra Banks, Judas Iscariot… those things. I might have to enrol in anger management, but that is if Charles Chin is also a fan of my overhyped video…if not, those are his, as they say.
I used to laugh at Seya and when he would be there as a bad word sayer, but you know what, kiba hard. . .but what do people expect. English is not my tribe.
Thank you for reaching out Bazanye, it’s nice to know you feel me, actually I feel you too…No homosexual…maybe…

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