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Monthly Archives: October 2009

What's going on. . .

I was asked to write an article concerning sex addiction. I’ve been told it will run eventually, but as of now, one of the higher ups is not too keen. Her reason? There’s a lot of stuff concerning sex in it. I write for the Kawa section in Sunday Vision. Anyone that has read it […]

New Release(s)

You guys thought you would go to a baby shower and that would be it? Okay, some of you (ERIQUE) decided to skip the thing, but that didn’t change a thing. The buns in the oven said, “you will see!” As of 7,er something this morning, the first blogger babies emerged. I’m told they looked […]

What's up… docs?

This PC responds pretty fast. You know what would be really cool… if the internet was loading pages with the same resolve. But then again, outside the blog-sphere, what else am I going to surf? The gadget blogs are taking their sweet time to update. And even then, I log on with some preconceived expectation […]