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Monthly Archives: May 2009


My stomach hurts. Not in that way that has me hunched over begging the Lord to take what little life is left in me, but it doth hurt quite a bit. Contrary to what you may have been led to believe from my posts regarding visits to various medical practitioners, I hate drugs. Given the […]

Of Swine & Men

This was published May 17th 2009 in the Sunday Vision One of the great things about us as Ugandans is our determination to succeed. We will do just about anything to catch up with the ‘developed’ world, and with good reason too. It’s the only way anyone will take us seriously. We are not trendsetters […]

Barber Black Sheep

I’ve been getting a couple of ‘you’re lost’s lately. Some were borne out of sincere concern from people I have been intentionally avoiding and as such who have every right to point out that I have not been ‘common in their faces’. With them saying shit like that, i don’t think I need to get […]