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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Dear God

It’s been a while since we spoke. Well, yeah, sure, you and I, we talk. I mean spoke heart to heart, me baring my all, opening up my soul. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long, and I… I won’t make any excuses. I… just want to say I know I’ve been a […]

Chapter VI: The Orientals Cometh

In a palace, not too far away, there was trouble a foot. A king was pissed as only a pissed king can be “Your Majesty, you should reconsider. This killing of kings thing is getting played out. Why don’t you kill a pauper or something? Heck, I could order a nice Ugandan boda boda rider.How […]

The post with no name yet. . .

Previously in this story From the bright light a sound emerges, kinda loud kinda booming, like those priests in your churches. "Greetings earthlings. We mean you no harm. We come with news that will later be the inspiration for your descendants’ songs!" "Bobo come quick. It’s one of them X-Files. It’s so clear. Hi-Def ain’t […]