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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Where Big Brother is kinda "happy"

This is Big Brother, Munya, please report to the diary room. I repeat, Munya, please report to the diary room, er, pretty please with a cherry on top. Munya: Hi Big Brother, what’s happening Oh, I don’t know, what’s up with you? Munya: Er, well, the task is a bit of a bitch really, nuh’mean? […]

The Chameleone Chronicles – Part I

Daniella: Do your thing, wama. Go gerrem Tiger! Chameleone: What? How dare you? How can you call me Tiger?! Are you comparing me to Mad Tiger? Daniella: No, Sweerie, I… Chameleone: Shut up, Mambo Bado! I am Reptile, him animal. Even worse, Animal with stripes. Me I am nice like butterfly, Kipepeo! Daniella: I’m sorry. […]

Back for the first time…again

The newspapers seem to be choke-full of material to play around with. And to appreciate some of this stuff, you need to look deep within and find your sense  of humour…or that inner sadist. Take for instance this story: Chameleone Falls From Arusha Hotel If, like me, you are not too crazy about clicking random […]