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Monthly Archives: July 2008


IRONIC Its that time again, I’m house-sitting in Bugolobi and as such I won’t have very regular posts. This time round, I am not blessed with a TV so huge you can play table tennis on its screen, but what I do have is a wireless internet connection with no computer. It’s like that line […]

The strange case of L'il Jim

I wrote a story a while back, it was of a watchman drunk, Drunk as hell, was the story of he, but nonetheless, just a story it seemed to be, But a lot of truth is told in jest, so now compelled I feel, compelled to tell the story behind the story, The tale if […]

One Afternoon, not too long ago. . .

“when I was growing up as a child. . .” -Patience Rwabogo So there I was, chillin’ out at a pal’s video lib. Conversating as we are wont to, when suddenly… Vacist: Man, you guy, your stuff is dope! Do you have Sopranos? Mr. E: Yeah, what season? Vacist: Okay, what. Gene (generally), I can’t […]