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Random Instance Of Thought _ Its kells!

You’ve heard the news, R. Kelly is NOT GUILTY. However, you have to ask yourself what it was like in the courtroom. . . -So Mr. Kelly, Mr. Pied Piper… R! mask, ziggy dee, whatever your name is, what do you have to say for yourself… Kells: Well, if I could turn… turn back the […]

Title unknown

I had a Turkish delight this morning. That was on my way to the bathroom…soapy water got into my mouth so what was once rose flavored, became Geisha flavored. Tasted like crap, incase you were wondering. My pal told me that who you are at 25 is who you will be for the rest of […]

where do i start. . .

“I don’t know… It’s flattering I guess. More flattering than troubling, to think that when you’re bleeding love, that bleeding’s for me…” How did we meet? That’s not really the important bit. Well, I suppose it makes for better reading than the “where”. It was a bar mind you. Nothing classy, nothing fancy. Just a […]

Random Instance Of Thought

I dropped a rhyme | Once upon a time, Back in the day | Back in my prime, I dropped a rhyme in a style lyrical, The delivery with a precision kinda surgical, But that was back then… when, No one gave a shit about mice and men, When, My mind wandered about on a […]