Ivan Musoke

Monthly Archives: February 2008

missed calls

Last night was a trip; he’s never had a hangover this bad. There are gaps, blank spaces from the night past of which memories refuse to form. There are bits and pieces, but that’s all. The phone rings. And rings. And rings. He wants to ignore it. Call back later, he tries to will his […]

Character Assassination : The Beginning

Man I hate bullets. It’s not so much the whole “they kill people thing”. I know they do, but I am not afraid of death. We all have to die some time, right? I made my peace with that. The thing about bullets, and I’m sure you’ll agree, is that they hurt. A lot! And […]


I haven’t been here in a minute, Been toiling away, Devoid of a life social, That cool new movie? Nuh, I haven’t seen it. And now, for some reason unfathomable, I can’t sleep for too long. I wake up after three hours, Sorta routine, like some kinda timetable. I want to be able to construct […]