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Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Naked Truth…Albert's Story

My name’s Albert and my honesty will be the death of me. Then again, my name is not really important, but the fact remains, honesty is a bitch and she is out to get me. That is, if the pounding in my head doesn’t finish me off first… or whatever is on the other side […]

A Break, Commercial in Nature…

Dear All I had heard something about it, but now it is clear – the Ugandan Bloggers’ Happy Hour won the 1st Prize in the MS Democracy Film Competion. What I really like about the judges’ argumentation is that they appriaciated a ‘different’ image of Africa, compared to the usual. Not because of the film’s technical […]

The man in the mirror

I look at my reflection, at the man staring back at me. The man I have become. He is a stranger. No recognition there. I look away, pained. How did it come to this? An impulse to break the mirror registers. Briefly. The truth, the sad truth is there is no way I am going […]