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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Well, I never…

“I have never” is a nice variation on that awesome game we like to call 5 fingers! I suck at 5 fingers and have been known to cheat at it, but I rock like Jinja (I’m sorry!) at “I have never”. I was at this house party thingy over the weekend and we were playing […]

The week that's been…

My job is awesome! I realize that claim could easily earn me some nasty-ass comment for no reason. Could have been worse, I could put up pictures. I am finally going to the field. I have been, for the longest time, bitching about how everyone else has “fun” and gets to go out to the […]


I’ve seen how it ends, Its not pretty. Matter of fact Its messed up, Its quite shitty, But forget the end, The last day Shelf the thoughts negative, Leave the depression at bay, Look back to a time past, When life was good and the food fast. Let’s go to a back-then, Full of days […]

heard the one about the Happy Ugandans?

The better paper reported in its Sunday edition that Ugandans are happy. I don’t even want to imagine what inspired the story… you know what, fukkit, lemme… Anon. : Why are you smiling? Anon 2: I’m smiling coz I’m glad… Anon.: Glad…as in happy? Who the hell do you think you are, going around being […]