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Life, The Weekend and All That Jazz

LIFE   I’ve been staying in Bugolobi since Tuesday last week. There are a couple of internet cafes and all, but for some reason I feel disinclined to the whole idea of paying for my internet. This is quite strange given that back-back then when the internet had been introduced to Ugandans through little rooms […]

Tagged: The Sequel

Nga don’t I get Tagged again? I know I know, tagging is like so last year, I know, right! But anyway, given that I’ve got like, you know, nothing to write right now, lemme give in…in any case, this one was going to be a Random Drive-By Post… you know the rules, here’s me! 1. […]


I’d like to attribute my absence to the fact that I got a job, but that hasn’t stopped loads of bloggers I know. I’d like to claim that given the heat that was radiating off of the ‘sphere last week, I took a back seat to watch and enjoy it. What? Guilty pleasure. You and […]

Drink our tap water, its tha shit!

  Some time during the course of the week, (Monday, I believe it was). It was reported that Kampala tap water has got faeces (there’s a word I didn’t think would ever appear on my blog). This is a little worrying for people that are keen on tap water. It also means that the dude […]

Guest Starring; Mr. Robin Thicke

Oprah: Today we have a very special guest ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got…. IVAN! Ivan…. WE are glad…that..you arehere! Isn’t that right audience?Aren’t we glad audience? So Ivan, how does…it…feel? But before you answer, that is the title of the number one book on….. MY BOOKCLUB!!!!! How-Does- I.T. F33L? ((((((audience screams. Someone coughs. There’s a […]