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Monthly Archives: July 2007

The CHOGM one

I’d started typing this thing out with the intention of posting something sensational. Arousing ire or whatever emotions were aroused, when this went up. What you have instead is a first paragraph choke-full of innuendo and a very stupid next lot of paragraphs that introduces the meat of the matter. I figured I’d go into […]

This week in The News…

Published in That magazine that comes free with the Sunday paper, The caption read, ” This girl worked as a prostitute…she recently gave birth to this baby, but she doesn’t know who the father is. She and the baby are both very ill.” Baz said it was schadenfreude-like for me to laugh, and I agree. […]


Your head's on the concrete. There are passersby, but you don't care. Some of them stop and look. Some point and snigger. It doesn't matter. There's a song playing in the background, The words are not clear. If they are, you can not make them out. You can't be bothered. You shut your eyes to […]

Tag…You're It

I was going to give this thing a rest. I mean you can only blog for sooo long, But I’ve been tagged, and I need to get this thing off my back…so…. This is how it’s going down… 1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts. 2. Players start with […]

In Sickness…Then Health

I have a cough. Not your ordinary run of the mill “cough cough sputter sputter sigh” variety. I’d like to think it’s the new breed of cough. It has me in bed for hours on end and feeling like the whole world is in some invisible cloak and sitting on me. And I do not […]

These Thoughts…

Eyes shut, he tries not to look back, Tries to ignore the past. A lump forms in his throat and it hurts. The truth hurts and that truth,   Escape it, he tries Simple though it may be Though deny it he will, He will never be free. Free from the thoughts, The ones that […]

Randomness in spades

No serious intro to this one, Piecing it together as I go along, Not paying attention to Whether stuff this time round, Will Rhyme, but I Will step back, Sneak a peek Look at this piece, What the heck have I…? It’s the one about addiction, Y’all got yours, I’ve got mine, Come to think […]