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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Stories Untold: The One About Jimmy

Jimmy was the kind of person you’d call ordinary. An ordinary guy forced by circumstances to do extraordinary things. He was not an Adonis on any levels, but he didn’t need to be. He had no feelings of self doubt. He was content. Until he saw her. She was the reason people tried a little […]

Like some sort of ability

I’ve been chatting with a pal…its this thing you do where you sit back and watch as a window seemingly materializes on your screen and words appear. Your hands receive a message from the brain. They respond and they proceed to hack away at the keyboard until the letters come together in a union that […]

Its just wAtEr!

First off I’d like to point one simple fact. I HATE DRINKING WATER!I honestly think that stuff has a taste. And that taste is NOT.NICE! I don’t look down on people that drink it. And I certainly have no problem with fish doing their thing in it. I just can’t stand it. And yet, this […]

Boda-Line Crazy

cRick HERE! First, head here to better acquaint yourself with the term BODA. No, wait; your connection might be as pathetic as mine, so I’ll tell ya. Boda-Boda; A motorbike…or the crazy dude that rides the said bike. Yes, they have come to accept that ours will never be a long-term-relationship so names will play […]