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Monthly Archives: October 2006

A dash of Hydrogen, 2 Pieces of Oxygen

We have a water shortage! And by “we” I mean the country and by “shortage” I mean that… well, there’s a shortage of sorts. This has basically resulted in a great deal of power cuts and numerous articles or stories or whatever dwelling on the same theme.None of these have been solution oriented, everybody has […]

Life's Not Really A Beach!

So… We were hanging out and I was, when you really think about it, up in the sky with birds. Then my pal comes over and says there’s some kick-ass plan. Depending on your expectations in life, “kick ass” can refer to anything ranging from poking little toddlers to going out and getting wasted at […]

The One with Loads of dots

I went to an internet café…Its been ages, but clearly I haven’t missed much. The keyboard I’m using feels kinda sticky so it simply follows that after this thing I will have stickyfingers…I would have added a hot male with sticky fingers in a bid to reference my email address,but that would not work coz […]

My Green Mile

Typically, the Green mile is the stretch a person takes on their way to the execution room…or place or whatever…Mine, it’s the stretch I have to take on my way to the clinic to go through what Darlkom feels comfortable calling “that which we may not mention”. The rest of you can join me in […]