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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Sometimes They Grow

Where do I start. . .I was out hangin yesterday, started simply. I went over to my brothers’ place. Yeah..they do have their own place. I figured I’d say hi to some pals in the general massif (area) and go home and do somethin geeky like rip DVD’s or sumthin. Then I was invited to […]

Nikey Suckey Suckey!

I had knda hoped that some suit from Nike would have hollad by now. They didn’t! As such I am switching my allegiance to Skechers…Oh man… things look so freakin SWEET…@JKB. . . *Deleted Scene from previous entry*“Are the spirits of which you speak the distilled kind?”-Distil…Wait, that’s like blasphemy…I’d smite you if I wasn’t […]

Me Likey Nikey!

I honestly haven’t come up with any serious reason why, Whenever into a shoe shop I enter, I wanna buy, That really cool brand,with its simple swish, To pick up a pair is my only wish… And if you got this far thinkin’ “This is deep” ….SHEESH! What power problem is this country facing?I’ve had […]

Bringin Down the House

Listen, I appreciate the fact that people think I am not into TV…well,I wasn’t and I made it known. But for the love of God..I don’t want to watch some overhyped show…like Prison Break or 24…It used to be 24, but somewhere along the line Prison Break broke into the whole thing and now everybody […]

What If he wore Sneakers

There’s a song from way back when (which means we will probably hear it during Rock Night) that has the singer wonder out loud, “what if God was one of us?”I kinda feel uneasy with that direction…come to think of it, there’s probably some religious sect that wasn’t too pleased.So,to avoid stepping on toes, I’ll […]

What's Crackin?

I apologise for being such a lousy blogger. I guess unmployment has impacted me worse than I care to admit…well, I think its unemployment. After all, most of the frequent bloggers are employed in some capacity or the other. I just started watching House (or for those nitpickers among all y’all House_M.D).It’s actually quite nice. […]

Ah man,you shoulda seen it!

I downloaded the teaser thingy for the new Spiderman movie and I gotta tell ya…this thing is off the hook…or,erm,off the web. It looks incredible and I have gotten really amped about this thing…so amped I have my own theories from just watching the Teaser….join me… First of all, I think this one is going […]