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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Thinkin Out Loud…

Down With DDT. Seriously, that stuff is nasty. I have seen loads of documentaries that say so. Come to think of it, I also have a theory that involves Ken Lukyamuzi and an alliance of people that do not want us to hear what he has to say about DDT…or the song Hotel California.So here’s […]

Dear Diary

I went for a wedding over the weekend. It was given loads of attention by the press. And when we did actually arrive for the reception part we were asked to switch off the phones. I guess that’s because guys go around making calls and receiving them in the middle of some speech. The function […]

Watched Anything Good lately?

I haven’t been yet, but I gather the new X-Men flick is best described as being “there-there”…So I figure, I’ll just do my own thing, It goes like this… The movie opens with a young Magneto running away from some suits. “Why are you running after me? What do you want?” He asks. panting…the agents […]