Ivan Musoke

Monthly Archives: December 2005

Get It While Its Hot

In conjunction with other parties that decline to be mentioned I am giving you the opportunity to have this.A limited edition Black Mamba Tee.Why is it Limited in its edition?Because no one else in their right mind would be caught selling this. So why am I doing this? The need for money has smoothly guided […]

All I Want For Christmas…

As I write this,Christmas songs are blaring around town,a presenter has made the observation that (s)he has played the first Christmas Track this year (Big deal in some parts,I suppose) and some optimistic people are waiting for presents.Its a nice thing,optimism.It makes you blind to lots of stuff.I’m obviously not going to get what I […]

Part…The End

The ride home is pretty uneventful, save for that brief stop that Cedric makes to pick up a snack from a roadside vendor. I suppose you may wonder what would posses anyone to do something as retarded as that. This, as you can imagine is not something that can be explained with just the one […]