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Monthly Archives: July 2005

The Corny Article

This one’s no good,move on to the next article.So there I was,standing by the roadside,waiting for a taxi.One drew up shortly and the ‘conductor’ asked me to get on board. I gave the taxi a long hard look and decided against it, there was simply no space.Plus I was getting some nasty looks from the […]

A League Of Their Own

Yesterday I successfully entered the echelons of people that can use the phrase,”I spent my Sunday washing clothes” or its equivalent,”I washed”.I realise this is not an issue,and there’s the random possibility that I am actually displaying some spoilt brat tendencies,but I still think its a big deal.It actually helped me open my eyes to […]

Picture Perfect

I’m, not hating,far from it.I respect the whole concept of photography.Given the right setting I’d pose with Angelina Jolie if Bradd let me.But that’s it.I would not go all out on the whole thing the way many people do.It never ceases to amuse me(yes,I am actually a very to amuse person…which is why Breakfast Shows […]

Club Hoppers: The Story Of One

This is one of those articles where I claim the plan was simple,then I back track and you realize I was not very honest the first time round and the plan was nowhere near that.The truth is the night in question was destined to have some harrowing experiences.We’d just left a graduation party and this […]

Seeing Red:A Rouge Story

The first thing that crept into my mind as I entered the club can not be printed.Not necessarily the first thing when you get down to it,but the first word.It was an exclamation of sorts.Nonetheless,I made my way up the stairs and my vision was accosted by the colour. I realize at this point you’re […]