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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Got It…Is this Plagiarism…

I went for this rally with as much zeal as I could muster on such a hot Sunday afternoon.See, the thing is, usually, when people tell you to go for “The Sprint”, they make it sound so exciting. Like it’s an event that could only be eclipsed in awesomeness by the abrupt declaration by Joseph […]

Can We Please Have A Moment Of Silence

I hate silence,really I do.Its not like I have some incredibly “deep” reason behind it,like It awakens all sorts of emotions within…like fear or something. I just can’t stand it…I’m sitting here,right?bored as heck coz I have some design work to pull off and I can’t come up with anything.Its the silence…it sucks a**e!!My cousin […]

Here We Go Again

Its gotten such that I always want to come up with some catchy title for my blogs.I actually thought anatomy of a strike was brilliant,worthy of a Pulitzer even(assuming Pulitzer’s were awarded on the basis of titles)..then I went to Google and there were about 500 Anatomies.Its pretty sad really.I can not lay claim to […]

Beware The Man With The Pen

Long title,isn’t?Well,there’s a good reason behind this…I went to this grad. party over the weekend,my cousin’s actually.It was neat and if I could do it all over again…I pro’lly wouldn’t…I was pining for the greater part of it.Thinking lots about Vee..Oh crap!I think i just lost Carlo…Oh well,never mind,you’re still here.So after the party I […]

To Blog Or Not To Blog…

So I wake up this mornin’ right?With my head in the clouds because,as you can imagine its the sort of thing you do when you are in love. The other thing you do is go all out and declare your feelings for this special person to all and sundry (sort of saying,”leave me the heck […]

And then there was silence

The Pope is dead…Its a sad day worldwide. Catholics have been holding vigil.The news channels were filled with profiles. My mum came over and told us…actually we met in the corridor cuz i was going over to tell her (not really the bearer of Bad News,but…) and she told me. Its pretty depressing. We all […]