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Monthly Archives: March 2005

Its Easter…

Happy Easter all…This would be a great time to remember all the great stuff our saviour has done for us…Especially the Get-Out-Of-Hell-Free card…which is pro’lly why we have this lovely holiday to begin with…Ofcourse some sickening debate will ensue over whether I went to church,so I’m not going to front…No I didn’t..I wanted to…but I […]

Here's To You

My Net’s acting up again.The last time something like that happened I typed anatomy of a strike…(its down there somewhere).”Oh Crap” I’m sure someone has muttered…actually knowing you lot,its not under your breath.You don’t mince words…we need guys like you telling Bush to **Content Removed By Blog Support** Anywho,it certainly feels good to be back,I […]